Our Story

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Our Story

The core of our team has been together for up to 20 years helping companies leverage technology to achieve their business goals. We’ve been through struggles of startups, the pressures of a IPO’s, the journey of global growth through mergers and acquisitions and like many companies the downsizing that can happen when markets change. Perseverance, innovation and creativity is what kept us going and allowed us to be successful on our tumultuous journey.

None of this could be possible without attracting a team of elite professionals and establishing strategic partnerships. Dream Technology Solutions is the byproduct of 20 years of building key relationships with the best people in the industry. In 2018, we decided to take the show on the road and help other companies by giving them access to this closed network of Top Talent.

In 2018 we incorporated Dream Technology Solutions and started providing companies with on demand access to the best of the best. We’ve been helping companies fill skills gaps on key projects, provide leadership on strategic planning sessions and help companies take it to the next level by leveraging our industry experience. It’s a win-win; we get to work on cool projects with innovative companies and our customers get affordable access to a deep pool of highly certified, highly experienced technical resources.

It was early in our existence that we realized that cybersecurity was a big resource and skills gap in many organizations. This is one of our core competencies and is now our main focus. We want to support others by sharing our knowledge and experience and we have made it our mission to help organizations guard against the growing concern of cyber crime. Most small and medium business do not survive a data breach so we are working hard to get out in front of this issue and educating business owners about the importance of implementing a sound cybersecurity and risk management program.

Next Steps…

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