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Subject Matter Experts

Our Subject Matter Expert (SME) network is our “secret sauce” and allows us to provide high levels of expertise to all our engagements. We specialize in Risk and Cybersecurity with extensive experience working in some of the most demanding industries around the world such as: large distributed retailers, high growth online retailers, multinational financial services, private and publicly traded companies. Our SME network goes way beyond Risk and Cybersecurity. We can provide on demand access to top quality IT professionals in all aspects of IT infrastructure: Risk/Cybersecurity, Cloud, Datacenter Technologies, Network/Telecom, DBA, Agile Project Management, and Software Development. Instead of investing in expensive high end staff that you only truly leverage when the situation warrants, we can provide cost effective access to these skills as needed to ensure you get top level service and a quality finished product that you can rely on. Not only are our SME’s highly accredited, they come with vast experience across a number of different industry sectors.

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